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About Me

I started my wellness career as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I loved the process of helping people to get past the initial hurdles of starting the new, often difficult, habit of integrating fitness into their everyday lives.  It's rewarding to watch it become easier for them over time and, eventually, second nature.

Over the years my focus began to shift as I came to realize that, while exercise is crucial, nutrition is even more important. So I switched gears and now focus exclusively on nutrition, but I haven't forgotten my roots as a trainer. The methods that I know help people develop better habits in the gym apply equally to developing better habits in the kitchen. As a coach I focus on changes that are incremental, manageable and sustainable. Setbacks are expected and accepted, and we forge ahead. 

I believe that people find it easier to eat healthier when they know more about their food.  Why one food is good for them and why another isn't. With this site my goal is to provide another level of information about food that isn't just about recipes, calories or vitamins (although you'll find some of that too). It's about getting a deeper understanding about the science of nutrition, the integration of alternative medicine, and how the health of our planet affects us.


Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N)


Alumni, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition


Herbal Academy, Level 1 Herbalist

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