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I started my wellness career as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I loved the process of helping people to get past the initial hurdles of starting the new, often difficult, habit of integrating fitness into their everyday lives.  It's very rewarding to see it become easier for them over time and, eventually, second nature.

Over the years my focus began to shift as I came to realize that, while exercise is crucial, nutrition is even more important. So I switched gears and now focus exclusively on nutrition, but I haven't forgotten my roots as a trainer. The methods that I know help people develop better habits in the gym apply equally to developing better habits in the kitchen.

I've created a unique nutrition program that implements ongoing coaching and support for working through those tough first weeks of change in one's eating habits. I developed this approach after seeing repeatedly that giving someone a list of things to eat and a couple of recipes wasn't enough to help them change. By helping clients navigate the process of habit change, steering them back on track when they strayed, and just being their cheerleader, I saw more success and changes that were more likely to stick.


My practice is integrative and scientific

I believe that holistic nutrition, backed by valid research and in combination with conventional medicine, is the best approach for everyone


Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N)


Alumni, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition


Member, Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-Pro)


Herbal Academy, Level 1 Herbalism

Paula Blanchet Herbal Academy Certificate


"Working with Paula was a terrific experience. Rather than advise me on what not to eat, she gave me extensive suggestions of what I could eat and how various foods would help create balance in my body. I ate more than I usually do and actually lost weight because I was eating “smarter”. I've continued with Paula’s program, months after our initial consultation, and am happy to say that my joints no longer hurt, I have more energy, and sleep like a baby."


"Paula is fantastic at responding to you quickly, usually the same day or at latest the next day, with clearly understood nutritional information.  As I start my 60th year, I sure see the health  benefit in revisiting your nutrition requirements as we age, as we become overwhelmed in various "healthy food fads" that only help the companies marketing such products, while offering you little in the way of healthy benefits"



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