Inflammation is often the root of many health concerns.  From repetitive injury to autoimmune disease, it's been shown repeatedly that reducing inflammation supports recovery.

The immune system triggers inflammation. If this system is overworked it can make mistakes and cause damage. This is how a small tear in a ligament can turn into a joint that is damaged beyond repair.


General inflammation may show up as subtle signs that we often just learn to live with. Recurring digestive upset, skin eruptions, frequent illness, blood sugar imbalance, weight loss difficulties...all signs that things are not in balance.

Sometimes the foods we eat can feed this negative cycle. By adjusting the way you eat you can make food work for you instead of against you. Learn a better way of eating that's also reasonable for you and your lifestyle. This is the time to set your wellness goals and create a plan of action for your health.

I will redirect your path from eating food that fuels this internal heat to food that soothes, nourishes and regenerates your body, rebuilding health from the cellular level out.


I start with an analysis of your current diet to identify whether you have certain foods or dietary habits that may be causing issues like inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, unnecessary weight gain or low energy. I'll provide you with initial feedback, a set of recommended changes and a guide for how to implement those changes.  As you start your first week I'll provide real-time feedback on how you're doing to ensure the plan is working for you. Then we have a Week 1 check-in and assess where you're at. This is where the coaching aspect fits in. There is no one-size fits all diet and everyone reacts differently to changes and to certain foods. With this process we pinpoint what's working for you what isn't. Then over the next 2 weeks we'll start to tighten things up and by the end of week four we'll have you on course for your new nutritional plan. For the duration of your program we work on eliminating any harmful foods and progressively add in more helpful foods that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs.

I will also be asking for feedback from you as to how you feel before, during and after each change. This is how we know if something is working or not so we can respond appropriately.


As we create this feedback loop you'll start to learn more about your own eating patterns, the value of the food you eat, and how your food choices affect the way you feel. You'll learn the specific nutritional value of all the food you eat as well as what a healthy day of eating should look like. Soon it will become second nature and you barely have to think about what it takes to put together a healthy, tasty, nutrient dense meal.


At the beginning of the month I'll analyze your current symptoms, create a nutritional plan specific for your needs and we'll discuss any supplementation worth considering. We'll also discuss lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep and whether they play a role in your inflammation. The approach I take may vary depending on your health goals, concerns and current dietary patterns. It will generally involve several an initial consult, several weeks of coaching and, when you feel ready to do it on your own, a summary of your results and a plan to move forward with.  At the end of the month I'll do another assessment to determine your progress.


I meet with clients in person if I can but most of the time we start with a phone call, video chat or sometimes just email if that's your thing.

Some people just want a one-time consult and don't want the ongoing coaching and that's OK too.  I can gather information and create a plan that you'll receive as a digital file or hard copy and then it's yours to run with.  See below for the various options.

Not really sure which is the best approach for you?  Don't worry, I can tell with just a few questions what will probably work for you, all you need to do is contact me and then we can get started.




- Initial 1 hour consultation

- Food guides, sample recipes, nutrition protocols

- Supplement recommendations (if needed)

- Profile created with web-based food log application (no extra charge)

- Check-in's approximately every 2-3 days for feedback and modifications

- Real-time feedback by email or text anytime in between check-in's

- Plan modification throughout the month based on feedback and changes


When your plan commences you will get a summary report of your plan and progress with my analysis and recommendations for moving forward.

ADDITIONAL WEEKS: $50 per week

If you feel at the end of the month of coaching that you need a little more time to refine your plan we can continue on week by week until you feel like you're on track to reaching your goals.


Perfect if you are self-motivated and don't need the extra coaching.  You'll be given a comprehensive report outlining your plan and steps for success.


- Initial consultation

- Full protocol of recommendations as a hard copy or digital file by email

- Supplement recommendations (if needed)

- Brief follow up by phone or email to ensure you're on track


"Working with Paula was a terrific experience. Rather than advise me on what not to eat, she gave me extensive suggestions of what I could eat and how various foods would help create balance in my body. I ate more than I usually do and actually lost weight because I was eating “smarter”. I've continued with Paula’s program, months after our initial consultation, and am happy to say that my joints no longer hurt, I have more energy, and sleep like a baby."


"Paula is fantastic at responding to you quickly, usually the same day or at latest the next day, with clearly understood nutritional information.  As I start my 60th year, I sure see the health  benefit in revisiting your nutrition requirements as we age, as we become overwhelmed in various "healthy food fads" that only help the companies marketing such products, while offering you little in the way of healthy benefits"



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