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Having a Cold When It's Not Even Cold Season

That means it’s time to recalibrate your inner scale

It’s easy to pick up a bug if you’re a traveler but illness often comes with the change of season too. By the end of summer we’re worn out from more than usual activities, socializing, eating and drinking. If your body is out of balance give it what it needs.

Recover faster following steps like these:

  1. Start your day with warm water, add 1 teaspoon Manuka honey and a little ginger if you like (fresh or dried)

  2. Have a large serving of fresh, colourful fruit with green or herbal tea and 1 teaspoon Manuka honey

  3. For lunch have vegetable soup and a salad loaded with more veggies — colourful ones

  4. Have an early and light dinner. Make it mostly vegetables (more colour!) and meat should be a serving no bigger than 3 of your fingers. You don’t want to make your body work harder to digest than it needs to, save that energy for your immune system

  5. Hydrate well between meals, sip on room temp or warm water, green or herbal tea (with Manuka) or bone broth. Avoid too much liquid with meals to ensure good digestion

  6. Take extra vitamin C

  7. Go to bed early with your favourite book instead of your phone.

When your immune system is working harder than usual it needs more vitamins than usual, especially vitamin C, so it’s important to eat more fruits and vegetables than you ususally do. The Manuka honey has anti-viral properties, green/herbal teas have antioxidants, and lemon supports your liver which is working hard to detoxify your system. Bone broth is full of nourishing amino acids for energy and all those extra liquids will prevent you from getting dehydrated as your body recovers while you rest.

Get well soon!


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