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The Counterproductive Act of Calorie Counting

All Calories Are Not Created Equal

photo by Joanie Simon

My clients are always waiting for that moment where I tell them how to start measuring their food. When it doesn't come they're so surprised to find out that they sometimes can eat as much as they want of recommended foods, and calorie counting is never part of the process.

It's always helpful for me to have an article by someone (usually some kind of doctor) that outlines my advice just perfectly, and lends another level of credibility to it. In this article Controlling the Body’s ‘Fat Thermometer’, Dr Jason Fung discusses the fallacy of counting calories (and the evil industries that perpetuate the practice) and he also gets into the biology of why it doesn't work and where things go wrong. It's about a 10 minute read and is a little dense, not so technical you won't understand, but maybe you should read it after your morning coffee.

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